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Pending the gradual "ensh*ttification of the internet", I've been gradually moving more my stuff to either self-hosted services, or the fediverse. This blog setup is part of that! I'll be reposting some of my older long-form stuff here, and focusing future content here as well.

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About Me

I'm Reil (or Reilaos, if I cannot get the 4 letter name on a given platform).

Born and raised in Houston’s suburbs, educated and grown at the University of Texas at Austin (2011, BS ECE) and Georgia Tech (2012, MS ECE). Currently being baked to a golden brown in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Embedded Systems engineer by trade, game dev and video producer by hobby.


  • The content of this website. I make strange videos, compose music, and write odd essays.
  • VR Game Development: I’m forging new ground in locomotion methods. Stuff no one else has tried, like rolling around in a hamster ball or flying a dragon using reins.
  • Video games. Currently Diamond in Overwatch. I enjoy indie games like Bastion and Undertale.
  • Writing. I am an as-of-yet unpublished maker of silly short stories and a humorist fantasy novel modeled after folk tales and biblical parables.
  • Reading: I’m fond of Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, folk myths, and genre fiction short stories.